Different In America?

In America, all things are quite different.

From the way they eat their food, to the way they shout about their politics, from their politics to their accents to the way that they talk.

They are very different to us, from the way they walk, to the way they move their legs when moving on their feet. They are very different to us, from the way they drink alcohol, to the way they get drunk.

They are just a bit different. When it comes to how they raise their sports people (athletes), they have really a rather very different approach to us – one that means almost all – all – of their sports people (athletes) have college (university) degrees.

‘So the dinosaurs were here, right got that, then what?

In America, the production line for sports people (athletes) goes: school, high school (secondary school), then COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP!

This is the big thing, an American football player does not just do nothing but play football at an American football club their whole life. They go to college and do nothing but play American football for their whole life BUT, at the end of all that, they get given a piece of paper that pretends they’ve learnt a degree.

So, good for them!

Well, but, what is life like for these college student sports people (athletes)? Do they end up desperately different to our sports people (athletes)?

Well, interesting. Interesting, interesting, interesting.

Well I’ve been doing a bit of research haven’t I? I had a look at some stuff about what American college people respond to (http://campussolutionsinc.com/2016/01/19/marketing-to-college-students/) and also looked at some stuff about the day-to-day life of a college sports person (athlete) (‘A day in the life of a college athlete’ http://www.shmoop.com/college/college-athete-day.html) and I can conclude these three things:

  1. America is strange and different.
  2. Young American sports people (athletes) are not well read, culturally vivacious polymaths.
  3. American Football is a sport that requires very, very specific skills of most people in its team.

So there we go. USA! USA! USA! USA!