Orangeries For Clubhouses

A good sports club needs many things.

It needs equipment and a place to play.

It needs the enthusiasm of a supportive community. It needs the expertise of coaches and organisers. It needs, of course, players and lovers of the sport it chooses. And, when it gets to a certain level, a sports club needs a clubhouse. That’s right. A house for the Club. A club needs a house, and a house needs a club.

What is a club without a house?

It’s a lonely, pointless, homeless, empty wondering ghost. Slipping from field to field without ever truly registering its love or desire to be more than just an idea, more than just a thought. A club wants to exist truly, in place, it wants to be grounded and solid.

Do we all want this? Do we all want to be grounded and solid?

It is always scary, grounding yourself. Some seem to truly crave it, to want to find an opportunity to settle and ‘put down roots’ or whatever. This means that they are quicker to find people to do this with, and it is clearly in one way easier for them to find a person to do this with, because they are certain that it is something they want. It is not to say that it is then simply ‘easy’. There are of course struggles and hardships along the way. But it is one less question to obsess over.


For a club, the questions are not to different: Is this club of ours serious? Are we all going to be here in a few months? Are we still going to be committed in a few years?

That is suddenly the scale that we are on, once we start considering a clubhouse. The new fad for clubhouses this year is apparently Orangeries. If you don’t know what an Orangery is, well…

THAT is an Orangery.

To all intents and purposes, basically just a conservatory with less glass. I hear from friends down South (were these trends often take hold first) that all the new clubhouses they’ve seen built this year have had Orangeries.

So it looks like they’re the way to go!