Swimming On Merseyside

Swimming, I’m fairly sure, is a pretty good form of exercise.


A) It uses, like, all of your body. Almost every muscle is engaged in full muscular exercise. That muscle, this muscle, leg muscle, arm muscle, all the muscle.

B) It cleans you as you exercise and then there are the showers. Oh lord, the showers. They sit there by the swimming pool, just out of sight from the pool, so when you’re in the pool you’re always thinking ‘Are they still there? Are the showers still there? They where there a minute ago before I got into the pool… are they still there? GOD I HOPE SO!’

C) Being in water is nice. It is, if you disagree you’re wrong – so bugger off.

D) Everyone’s at the swimming pool! Kids! Teenagers! Adults! Old People! Swimming Pool Employees! Swimming Pools!

E) Everyday, when you wake up, you should be aware that the day you are about to live would be a better day if you’d just go for a swim, so GO FOR A BLOODY SWIM!

F) Well, leisure centres are pillars of the community where people can meet and sit and have a chicken burger in a big bun, with a small chicken portion in the middle and a bit of lettuce.

G) And, finally, it’s good for your health. I think. According to ‘scientists’.


So what does this all mean?

It means ya’ll need to get swimming.

So what do you do here in Merseyside? Do you go to a leisure centre? (https://liverpool.gov.uk/lifestyles/find-a-centre/) Or a private gym? (https://www.britanniahotels.com/hotels/the-adelphi-hotel-liverpool/health-leisure/) Or maybe even get your own pool built? (http://www.paramountpools.co.uk/) I mean, if you’ve got the money then you should totally do the last one of those and all the other ones of those. Because, if you can buy yourself a pool, don’t be a bad person, still give money to the community.

So get out there! Get swimming! Get going! You mad fool!