The Five Scottish Ski Resorts You Should Go To

There’s never been a better time to take a Skiing holiday in Scotland.

For decades the only destinations worth visiting for an authentic skiing experience were settled firmly in the alps. The huge range of European resorts that cropped up during the end of the 19th Century were pioneers in the field of tourism.

During the 60s, thousands of ski areas were born as the post-war world scrambled to make the most of the new demand for tourism. Amongst the countless of resorts that opened their doors during this period was Aviemore. Constructed in 1961, the resort, set in the Highlands, finally provided the British public with a closer place to ski.

Whilst there are now more flights from Liverpool to ski resorts than ever, why not look a little closer to home for your next holiday?

Scotland is now home to five Ski Resorts, each with it’s own benefits and drawbacks – here’s the lowdown:

The Lecht Ski Centre

The Lecht was opened in 1977 by James McIntosh as the Cairngorm’s answer to Aviemore. Whilst the resort has arguably not stepped up to the High Table in respect to the International Skiing World, its still a great option for families and beginners.

Go between January and March for the best coverage and bring your camper van for a bonus saving on accommodation!

Cairngorm Mountain Resort

This popular resort is famed for its consistent, solid snow, all the way through to April. Settled within Cairngorm, the same region as The Lecht, this resort comes recommended by former Olympians and ski professionals alike and is even home to a mountain railway.

Passes are a little more pricey but well worth it.

Glenshee Ski Centre

If you’re truly looking to test your abilities then Glenshee should be at the top of your list of destinations. January is the absolute best time to visit this huge resort and make the most of their massive variety of terrains.

In addition to the usual accoutrements, its also kitted out with some neat electronic systems to make your stay even smoother.

Glencoe Mountain Resort

For the more daring, experienced riders, Glencoe offers some of the most significant steep slope skiing challenges in Scotland. Unfortunately, due to the relatively unspoilt nature of the resort’s slopes, it can be hard to predict when the best time to go is.

If it snows then you should head up as soon as you can to make the most of the sweet runs.

Nevis Range Mountain Resort

Between February and March, prevailing westerlies blow in heaps of snow into the back bowls of the Nevis Range Mountain Resort where thousands flock every year to make the most of the site’s excellent back corries.

This is an easy to access resort with some great connections – making it a great option for beating the crowds.